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General Information on Venue and Travel

Saidia city

Saidia City

The Saidia city also known as the Blue Pearl of Morocco, is a beautiful place with its 14 km beach and its beautiful surrounding countryside. the new seaside resort of Saidia is a new generation of Moroccan resort that retains its charm and beauty. In the early 20th century, the village was appreciated by European and became a small local resort. Since that day Saidia has steadily developed and this has become a major tourist hub of North-East Morocco. Several investments have emerged and have allowed the station to be open to international tourism: 4 and 5 star hotels, villas, residential apartments, golf courses .. etc.. Saidia is an impressive metamorphosis known Mediterrania Saidia. The Medina Center is built according to traditional architecture. It includes doors, narrow streets, shops and cafes.....


Conference Hotel

How to get to I3C'17 Conference Be Live Collection Saïdia Hotel is a 5-star all inclusive hotel . The hotel is a haven of peace in the northeast of Morocco, along the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to the services and activities it offers, it is the perfect place for a conference organization. The hotel is situated right on a 9 mile beach and can offer its guests the tranquility they desire.



Travelling to Saidia from the Airport

There are 3 airports such as The Oujda-Angad Airport , the Nador airport and the melilla airport and these three airports are in the region where Mediterrania-Saidia is sited .

How to get to I3C'17 Conference

  1. -From Oujda-Angad Airport: Take a cab to Saidia City (Be Live Collection Saïdia Hotel). 300 Dhs (~30 Euros) for 01 to 04 persons all together.
  2. -From Oujda Train Station: Take a cab to Saidia City (Be Live Collection Saïdia Hotel) (~01 hour driving).
  3. -Coming by Highway to Oujda City: Take Saidia City direction from Oujda City (~01 hour driving).
  4. -There will be a bus for free to bring participants from Oujda City to Be Live Collection Saïdia Hotel (5-7 october 2017): Departure at 6h45 a.m. (Train Station). Coming back to Oujda City at 8h p.m. from Be Live Collection Saïdia Hotel.


More details coming soon.